J.R. Pettus

- Principle -

My background involves being a partner in a highly successful consumer product start-up business, and then, learning real estate as my  second business focus. Eventually making it my primary business.  As CEO we built a company that generated well over  $100,000,000 in annual revenue and now successfully managed over $100,000,000 in real estate projects.  In real estate, risk assessment, with flexible, detailed, action plan is crucial in the land marketing business.  My areas of expertise are honest risk assessment, high low  financial projections, developing and implementing sales, and marketing.  I love God, my family, the Tarheels, Carolina Panthers, playing drums, and listening to music.  I studied at Winthrop University and left school in my junior year to start my first business.

Alexander Pettus

- Principle -

I studied at Savannah College of Art and Design in their Film and Media department for two years before leaving to run the marketing arm for Wingfoot Realty and Trader Marcs based in Charlotte, NC. I handled all advertising placement, Ad buying, and design work for these two companies for multiple years before leaving to assist in a dot com startup. After the startup folded I started my own Marketing and Advertising firm "Mental Giant Marketing" It was acquired by Atomic Advisors in 2016 and became a subsidiary. We are equipped to provide web design, ad buys and placement, and all forms of design to help you sell your commercial property. 

Jerry Pettus Sr. 

- Founding Principle -